Koh Larn (Koh Lan, Pattaya Thailand) The Beaches

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I've talked about how to get there by ferries to either Ta Na Ban Pier or Hat Ta Waen Pier and you might want to know what are the difference between them. Well, I'd say, Ta Na Ban Pier doesn't have a beach, but it is more of a community with many restaurants, convenient store (7/11), motorcycle hire, ATM and many reasonable priced accommodations. So, I'd suggest anyone who wants to stay overnight at Koh Larn to get off at Ta Na Ban Pier where you can first check-in at the accommodations and hire motorcycles to travel around the island. For those who wants to have a one-day trip at Koh Larn,ke most of the foreign tourists do, you can get off at Hat Ta Waen Pier. Hat Ta Waen or Ta Waen Beach is the most beautiful beach of all in Koh Larn with crystal clear sea water and the beach is around 750 meters width. It might be attle crowed, but the most convenient especially for one-day trip. There are many activities available there such as banana boat and jet ski. There are also shops where you can buy bathing suits and cloths and restaurants (but the price is more expensive than restaurants at Ta Na Ban Pier). What about any other beaches?? Well there are a few more beaches where you can go and if you don't hire long-tailed boats or speed boats to particularly go there. You might have to catch a ferry, get off at Ta Na Ban Pier and rent a motorcycle to go to any beaches you'dke. Another way is to catch a mini bus which could cost around 20-30 Bahterson. See map of Koh Larn, in case you want to know the location of all beaches. Hat Sang Wan or Sang Wan Beach This beach is adjacent to Hat Ta Waen (Ta Waen Beach). So you might have to take a ferry, get off at Hat Ta Waen Pier and then walk across the bridge there. This beach is quite narrow with only 150 meters width and even though it is close to the popular Ta Waen Beach and share the same landscape, it is much more quiet. So I'd suggest those whoke to sunbathe, sit back and relax along the beach to visit Hat Ta Waen. But if you'dke to enjoy and splash the sea you might want to go other beaches. Hat Thian or Thian Beach The beach here is beautiful and sea water is very clear, suitable for sunbathing and swimming. it is quiet as not many tourists going there. The beach is around 500 meters width situated on the west of the island. There are also water activities available but not as many as Hat Ta Waen. The signature landscape is the long wooden bridge where every tourist needs to cross to reach the beach. Hat Samae or Same Beach Although the sand here is not as smooth as the sand at Hat Ta Waen, it is one of the interesting places to go. The beach is around 300 meters and the sea water is suitable for swimming. The signature landscape is stingray shaped building on the right of the beach. Hat Nuan or Nuan Beach This beach is sometimes called Monkey Beach as it used to have lots of monkeyving there. The sea here is clear but there is rock and stone along the beach. So if you prefer more of clear and smooth sand you might have to visit other beaches. However, there is shallow water coral reef which can be found along the beach and tourists can rent instruments to see the coral reef there. Hat Ta Yai or Ta Yai Beach Hat Ta Yai is a small beach situated on the north of the island, not far away from Ta Na Ban Pier. It is very quiet with beautiful sea water, but not so many shops and restaurants there. If you prefer the beach with not many people and no water activities such as banana boat and jet ski, you might find Hat Ta Yai the most suitable. For those who wants to go to Ta Yai Beach, you might want to bring some food and drinks from other beaches or from Pattaya with you as there might bemited choice of food available.